Silver Bullet Pest Control's Tips for Springtime Critters

Springtime warm weather and sunny days are welcome after long, cold winters. Everyone is anxious to get outside and play, garden, and BBQ. However, while you are enjoying the hammock weather, you may encounter some uninvited guests.

Once things start to thaw, bugs enjoy the nice spring weather, too. In your yard or in your home, these creepy critters set out to find food, build new homes, and make babies. You can expect to find the following bugs emerging in the spring:

  • fire ants
  • rickets
  • roaches
  • black widow spiders
  • crane flies

While these animals are all part of our ecosystem and have a role to play, no one wants them in their residential or commercial property. Some of these bugs can be quite dangerous to family members and pets.

What Can You Do On Your Own?

What Can You Do On Your Own?

The number one thing Silver Bullet Pest Control's technicians come across while on a job is debris. Backyards are a great place to store in-progress projects, forgotten toys, and garbage cans. However, these are big attractions for bugs looking for food or shelter. Crickets and black widow spiders love to hide in piles, and cockroaches are especially fond of cardboard.

Trash piles and wood piles need to be stacked away from the home- as far away as possible on the property. These stacks can quickly turn into a metropolitan community of bugs, creepy crawlers, and stinging insects. Little bugs attract bigger bugs. Big bugs attract spiders. Spiders attract wasps - and you might end up getting stung!

Keep your home vacuum, as well. Kids and pets bring in more than just dirt and keeping the interior of you house as clean as possible will limit the bugs that stick around - and the creatures that hunt them.

Silver Bullet Pest Control Can Help!

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