Simple Things You Can Do at Home to Help Prevent Pests:

Nothing can spoil a perfect summer day like bugs at your BBQ. Here are some tips to keep your home pest-free between visits from our technician.


The best place to start with pest prevention in your home is to make it hard for bugs to even find a way in. Check all window and door screens for gaps or tears, and repair if you find any. Replace the stripping as needed, too.

Standing Water

Mosquitoes love standing water- it's where they hang out and lay eggs. Removing standing water from overturned pots, stagnant ponds, and areas where water may have collected on tarps or furniture will cut down on their breeding grounds. Mosquitoes can find water anywhere (at the bottom of downspouts, in toys...) so be sure to walk your property often, especially after rain.

Food/Meat Waste

Did you know that food- especially meat- rots quickly in the trash? Summer heat intensifies this. Insects (and other pests) will smell the food waste from miles away and head right to your home. Don't throw out your food waste unless the garbage will be collected in the next day or so.

Yard Maintenance

Keep the yard mowed and the vegetation short. Bushes and trees closest to the house need to be especially groomed to prevent the branches and roots from becoming a super-highway into your home. Weed and rake often to prevent the task from becoming overwhelming and to spot any new pest issues.

Eat Your Veggies

Fruit flies are annoying and will turn into unwanted house guests quickly if your fruits and veggies rot on your counters. Eat your produce before the bugs appear (the most delicious pest control method out there) because fruit flies are tricky to eradicate.

Kitchen Mess

Crumbs are like delicious treasure to ants and other bugs. Don't leave dirty dishes in the sink, when possible. Wipe down your counters, keep pet food in sealed bins, sweep, and store all food in airtight containers or the fridge.

Outdoor Furniture

Check your deck or patio furniture often for spiders and their egg sacks. Remove them. Swing sets are another favorite place for spiders to take up residence.

Firewood Storage

All sorts of creepy crawlers enjoy a dense woodpile, but termites are the ones that could inflict the most damage on your home. All firewood should be stacked far from your house and sheds- at least 5 feet away. Also, we recommend storing the wood off the ground in a wood rack.

Outside Toys

Keep indoor toys in the house and outdoor toys in the yard. If a toy is needed inside, be sure to clean it thoroughly. Check all cracks and crevices for critters.

Be sure to have Silver Bullet Pest Control come out on a regular basis to prevent small pest issues from becoming major problems. We will check for bugs and rodents in and around your home.